I am a mother of two and started the ight school this year. Great ladies! Good instructors and very wonderful ladies! I'm excited to grow and learn together.

Marisa A.

They came to clinic during our lunch hour. After half an hour I felt like a whole new person! Kind, courteous, professional and very skilled. What a wonderful gift. Thank you!

Tess E.

I recently enrolled and having a great time. It's a wonderful learning environment and the instructors show such a compassion for their profession and craft.

Kami B.

Relaxing and feeling good!

Kelley M.

Offers a variety of classes, great instructors, flexible scheduling!

Manolo R.

Started school in November , I'm so glad that Rhonda Knight is our instructor . Im loving the outcome of changing my career and looking forward to becoming a Massage therapist.
New night class will start March.

Victoria A.

The massage students came in to our high school today to give our teachers a brief massage session during our state testing time, and every teacher raved nothing but great things about the service they received! Thank you from the East Valley High school staff!

Kenneth H.

I recently accepted the position of instructor for the School, which I was excited to do. I was a previous student of Ronda K., the other instructor, and was very impressed with her teaching style and vast knowledge of massage techniques and scholastics. The School has a warm, friendly, yet professional atmosphere. I look forward to assisting students become knowledgeable and professionals and in there new career choice!

Dolores M.

I love this school! They are flexible with life. Rhonda the instructor, is amazing she works with you. She teaches you on your level. She will show you a couple different ways to set up, massage and how to communicate with people. She guides you throughout. Lillian is there to support and she is great she has a different outlook because she works in the medical field of massage. I have learned that there are so many ways and different types of massage then ibwould have imaged. I'm so excited to grow in this career.
In March 2018 they will start an eveing class with another instructor! I am so greatful to be in such a great school with such supportive people!

Nikki G.

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We'd Appreciate Your Feedback!

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